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Fishform has been working in the field of industrial design since 1986.

We have mainly been dealing with machine tools, though we are not stylists.

We are looking for objectives and commitment as well as the Company recognition for its design and machines. We are searching for quality representation and technological innovation concerning the design of our machines.

In the product coordination, we search for our image strengthening and brand reliability.

1986 – 2016, the Thirtieth

The thirty-year expiration of activities leads to reflections and analysis about what we have done, what we could have done and what we will do in the future.
The Fishform 30th trademark, already shows the “we will do” announcement! The graphic of the past years doesn’t stop to the celebration year itself, but it actually exceeds and goes beyond it with a desirable spiral, open to the future.
Several are the competences needed to the job that we love. These are possible and found only in a shared group spirit. I would like to thank all those who, in these years, have believed and contributed to this path: clients, co-workers, suppliers, relatives and friends. All these people shared with me this hard and ever fascinating way, in which expertise and personalities are forged.

Paolo Perbellini